Another Place Competition 2015

Following on from our ‘Frightfully Frightening Flash Fiction’ Competition last year and the ‘Poised Pen Pub Poetry’ Competition the year before, we have decided to do something a little different and with less alliteration.

Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ installation at Crosby beach is celebrating its 10th Anniversary year. These spectacular sculptures consist of 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread out along three kilometres stretching almost one kilometre, all looking out to sea in silent expectation. Why are they there? Where are they going? What are they thinking? What are they waiting for?

So to acknowledge our love of this great city, poetry and all things flash, we have decided to do a competition for poets and flashers to keep everyone happy.

And in true Poised Pen style we booked the party first and have worked back from there.

So this year, on Friday 4th December 2015, from 7 to late at the Fly in the Loaf, in Hardman Street, Liverpool we will be listening to some brilliant performances from poets, writers, singers, musicians and there will be an open mic spot at the end so everyone can join in.

The winners of both prizes will be announced (and tweeted) on the night by our fabulous judges, James Nash and Nik Perring. Cath Bore will be judging and announcing the Poised Pen winner. No prizes for that, only kudos.

As well as lots of fun there will be food, and raffles and stuff. So keep an eye on the website, Twitter and Facebook for further announcements.

The Prizes

We have been fortunate to receive sponsorship from Liverpool Hope University, and Corbett & Co Accountants and New Generation publishing so unusually for a free to enter competition, we have BIG money prizes in each category.

First Place

£100.00 ($154 USD approx.*.)

Second place

£50.00 ($77 USD approx*.)

Third Place

£25.00 ($38 USD approx.*.)

The judges will announce a shortlist prior to final judging. All shortlisted entrants will be informed. Winners will be announced on the 4th December at the Poised Pen Presentation evening and will also be announced on Twitter.

The Competitions.

  1. Poetry. Maximum 40 lines. (Excluding title) One entry per person. Must include at least 2 of the words listed below. Entries must not have been published previously or have won any previous competitions.

Judge James Nash. Visit James Nash website

  1. Flash Fiction Maximum 350 words (Excluding title) One entry per person. Must include at least 2 of the words listed below. Entries must not have been published previously or have won any previous competitions.

Judge Nik Perring. Visit Nik Perring website

You must include 2 of the words below.

  1. Another

  2. Place.

  3. Estuary

  4. Iron

  5. Man/Men

  6. Rust.

  7. Home.

  8. Wave.

  9. Barnacle.

  10. Naked

The closing date is October 31s t2015 at 23:59:59 (GMT)

Results will be announced on 4th December 2015.

The best of the entries will be published in our charity competition anthology which will be produced shortly after. More details about this to be announced later.

See below for a full list of the rules. Read them.

So what are we looking for?

Photograph: A.J.Walker

Look at the photograph. What does this say to you? Who are these men? What are they waiting for? What do they want?

Then write, whatever you want. It’s your work. It’s your imagination. It’s your world to create.

The only thing we ask is that you include 2 of the words listed above in your entry.

One entry per person per category. So yes, you can enter one poem and one piece of flash and you all have two chances to win.

We asked our wonderful judges what they will be looking for when they judge this competition.

Judge James Nash. Poetry

'I’m looking for poems that get to the heart of things, that provide a hit of experience, perhaps even a laugh, or a thrill of recognition and understanding in the reader; poems that engage and show evidence of thinking and craft. I’m looking for language and structure that support the purpose of the poem, which might follow a classic form or be free verse. And because there are no new themes, just the ones that poets and artists have always battled with, an original take and a fresh voice will attract my attention.

I feel hugely privileged to be part of this competition and can’t wait to see the entries.’

A Bit of an Ice Breaker out now on Amazon kindle.
Some Things Matter: 63 sonnets

Judge Nik Perring. Flash Fiction

‘As someone who's judged a fair few competitions, and guest edited at a fair few places, and written a fair few stories: here are some tips.

You might not want to, unless it's an idea that grabs your tightly, write the first thing that comes into your head. Write a list of things you could write about. The interesting one usually comes after the first few.

And don't think that your story has to include the prompt. Let that photo (which I think's a brilliant prompt) inspire anything and run with it. This is not a case of ticking boxes - it's a starting point for brilliant stories so allow them to come through. As long as there's some sort of link to it (I don't want anything that's already written that you think might just fit - because 99% of the time that really doesn't work) then we'll be okay. Now go! Have some good ideas. And make them into brilliant stories. I, honestly, can't wait to read them.’


Member: The Society of Authors, National Centre for Language and Literacy

"Nik Perring's stories are gems, every one of them" - 3 :AM Magazine

Twitter: @nikperring

For more Another Place photographs/inspiration go to.

The rules.

Entrants must be 18 or over. Entry forms can be found here, The competition entry form should be completed as instructed. Your name, contact details, or anything that would identify the writer should not appear in the text of the poem/flash. Maximum 350 words (not including title) for Flash Fiction. Maximum 40 lines (Not including title) for poem. One entry per person per category. Entries must not have been published previously or have won any previous competitions. By entering the competition the writer confirms that it is their own work. Copyright remains with the writer, but by entering the competition the writer agrees that the Poised Pen Writing Group may publish the entry on their website or in a competition anthology. By entering the competition the writer agrees that the Poised Pen may provide the publisher of the competition anthology with their name/email address. This is an international competition, and we accept entries from any country outside the United Kingdom, however all entries must be written in English. The closing date/time is 31st October 2015. 23:59:59 GMT ( The Judges of the competition are not allowed to enter. All judging is blind therefore members of the Poised Pen are allowed to enter so long as all rules are complied with. Entrants should not identify their entries on Twitter or Facebook, until after the results have been announced. The Judge’s decision is final.

*All currency conversions are approximate. Entrants from outside the UK may be subject to PayPal charges when transferring prize money and should contact PayPal direct for details.

To enter the competition please click here

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