Another Place Long-List

Thanks to all who entered our Another Place Poetry and Flash Competition. We have been truly overwhelmed by the response and the high standard of all who entered.

 All long-listed entries can be found below. The final results will be announced on the 4th December at the Another Place Results night at the Fly in the Loaf, Hardman Street, Liverpool.  



Worn by Wear - Grace Black

Marooned - Carole Mcmahon

Music from Another Place - Nana Trader

Digging and Diving - Moira Garland

Savage Sunday - Chris Milam

The Fifty-Seventh Iron Man - Maria Isakova Bennett

Time and Tide - Jo Sadler

Iron Naked - Saxon Pepperdine

Gran's calling - Brenda Curry

At Spring Tide - Darren Bourget

The Landmarkers - Justyna Czasnowicz

The Drowned Room - John Davies

Another Place - Paula Frew

Rust Wave - Fiona Curd

The Oxidisation of Hope -  Stephanie Ellis



The One Hundred - Carolyn Ward

Lamb or Pork - GJ Hart

Lost - Susan Tepper

Returned - Kirsty Higginson

 Human When Necessary - Stephanie Ellis

My Ladies - Sal Page

Splash - Sherri Turner

Another Place - Glenys Boyer

How Long - Patsy Collins

Another Place - Gavin Smithers

 Time - Cathy White

 Blowhole - Barbara Renel

To the Beach - Mandy Huggins

Rank and File - Hannah Coyle

 An Often Inconvenient Compulsion - Dickson Telfer

Waiting For Bill - Janelle Hardacre

Man on a Beach - Philip Welton

 Rust -Jacki Donnellan

 There’s Poetry to Patination, Laura Tansley

 Glitch-Tracy Aston

The Followers - James Woodham

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