Out of Our Minds

The Poised Pen's first collection, Words from Nowhere, took its name from the excellent Liverpool bookshop above which the group first met. This second edition, twelve months on, saw the group stronger than ever, still churning out poems, stories and scripts. During 2010 new members joined the group, several NAWG awards were forthcoming and one Poised Penner became Liverpool's official People's Poet. This second edition, Out of Our Minds is the short answer to that perennial question, "Where do you get your ideas?" Once again, it's a mixture of stories, poems and fragments of longer works that we hope you'll enjoy especially if, like us, you're a little bit out of your mind... It's a available in kindle format here.

Half Baked

A showcase of writing including poetry, flash fiction, scripts and short stories to get a flavour of the breadth of talent from our wee little club. Come on in and take a dip! It's a available in kindle format here.

Words from Nowhere

Words from Nowhere is the first collection of work from The Poised Pen writers' group in Liverpool, a group which includes poets, short story writers, scriptwriters and budding novelists. Although some of the authors have previously been published, for most this 2009 work was the first time their work had been put into print. This anthology therefore represented a new chapter in each member's writing life, and the group continues to meet, write, support and inspire. It's available in kindle format here.

Frightening Flash Fiction: Poised Pen Competition Anthology 2014

This anthology contains the entries to the Frightening Flash Fiction Competition 2014, and is available in kindle format from here