David Irvin

I took up writing when heart problems prevented me from earning an honest living. I’ve attended a number of creative writing classes/courses and have been lucky enough to have BBC Radio Merseyside broadcast some of my pieces on air. A number of websites have also published and broadcast my work.
I enjoy writing short TV/Film scripts and short stories that I hope have humour at their heart. The poetry I’ve had published and performed has been a little less upbeat in its content; written in those more reflective ‘why me’ moments I’m reliably told we all have.

I’d hoped to have completed and submitted my first novel by the end of 2012; another deadline missed! The book was started several years ago as a final project for an MA in Writing; neither was completed at the time. Encouragement and support from family and from fellow members of ‘The Poised Pen’ writing group have seen me pick up the story again. The book has dark themes and, although by no measure a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, it explores, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ in people.


The Garment Factory

This poem is drawn from memories of visits to working mills during my time as a clothing buyer.


The Garment Factory was read at St George’s Hall Liverpool and for the WEA Centenary celebration concert  held at the Unity Theatre in 2003. It was also published on the poetry website, Caught in the Net.



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The Telly Man


An earlier draft was broadcast as ‘The Telly Man’ by BBC Radio Merseyside

25 01 02 on Angela Heslop's ‘Artwave’ programme.



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A poem written at a time of uncertainty and self-doubt when answers were needed.


Serendipity was read on BBC Radio Merseyside’s Roger Phillips’ First Friday programme in 2002 and appeared on the poetry website Caught in The Net.



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The Ice Man

This sting in the tail short story, The Ice Man, was professionally recorded and broadcast over the Internet in an earlier version by shortstoryradio.com

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Up Is Like Down

This poem is an attempt to give words to those emotions experienced when situations change for the worse. An earlier draft of this poem was read on BBC Radio Merseyside’s Roger Phillips’ First Friday programme in 2002.


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