Emma Law

Emma enjoys writing in any genre, although she is very partial to urban fantasy and plain fantasy, having been a fan of J.R.R Tolkien and Robert Jordan since she first discovered Lord of the Rings and the Wheel of Time series. She hopes that one day she'll write a story that will give someone else the sense of wonder and discovery she had when she first picked up a book. Below are her stories / poems.

No Such Thing

A short snippet based on Vizdare prompt 52:Carefree 

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The Day In the Life of a Security Guard

 Inside is a short story of about 1800 words, the central character is a security guard in a futuristic world.

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By The Lake

A short radio play

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Three Poems

Here are three poems that were part of a writing exercises, they entitled The Front Room, Thoughts and Fears and Biscuits.

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