Wembley; semi final 2015

Wembley semi final 2015

Here we come Wembley

Wembley drive

Wembley songs

Wembley smiles

Wembley again

Wembley cheers

Wembley hopes

Wembley chants

Wembley jokes

The great drive to wembley

The highs of the game

High balls

Great tackle

Long balls

Good defence

Missed shots

Cross passes

Great shot


Great songs

Loud cheers

Great play

Defence fears


Low spirits

Loud berates

Raised spirits

Chances, creates

More cheers

More songs

Halftime beers.

We're still in the game

Subbed players

New tactic

Time passing

Measures drastic

Lost momentum

Ball passing

Can't prevent 'em


Shoulders sagging

Pleas massing

Players lagging

Minutes passing

Hopeful crowd



Wrong call

Not offside

Not at all

Crowd cried

Game changer

Bad throws

Team danger

Whistle blows

The lows of the game.

The long drive home.

Long miles

Long faces

Long sighs

Long queues

Long drives

Long reviews

Long silence

Long, long way home.