Tony O'Neil

Really was born in Liverpool, down by the docks, religion was Catholic…but there the likeness to the song ends. After doing dull worky things for years, occasionally writing a funny poem for someone’s birthday, I bit the bullet and read out a poem to complete strangers at the Uni of Liverpool Continuing Education class and found it wasn’t so bad after all; so kept on writing poems, mostly aiming to be funny, occasionally a bit more thoughtful and just very occasionally not even rhyming. Then I wrote a poem to celebrate Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year, which won me the bizarre title of Liverpool People’s Poet which I grimly cling on to because public sector cuts have meant they’ve never run a follow up competition for someone to take the title from me…a couple of prizes through NAWG, some performance stuff and (although I have to say it’s not the most onerous function in the world), Poet in Residence for Maricourt High School.

And still the dull worky thing continues, proving that poetry doesn’t pay.


Christmas Challenge 2012, for Annmarie, a poem about a Christmas tree.

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The Very Idea

This is the pome I wrote for Continuing Education Creative Writing, which brought a laugh and set the whole writing thing going.

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Sweet Music

The Kings Arms pub in the Wiltshire village of All Cannings has recently begun an annual tradition of holding a concert in the caravan field at the back of the pub to raise money for local cancer charities.  A prime mover in making this happen was one of the locals, Andy Scott of The Sweet who's brought in the likes of Roger Taylor, Brian May, Jeff Beck, 10cc, Dr Feelgood, Georgie goes on.  It's a sonnet, don't know why.

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Shortest pome I've ever written.

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The Ballad of Old Spot

Strict ballad form, written for a competition, but too long for the rules.  A very old joke.

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Runner-up in NAWG 2009 competition, Best Poem for Children.

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