Vanessa Louise Lester

I have been writing since I was 4 or 5. At first it was single letters, but I soon moved on to whole words such as Ant, Ball, Cat, Dog etc. Once I mastered words, whole sentences became a doddle and I never looked back. I have written stories, poems that rhyme, poems that don’t rhyme, scripts for television, but have not quite managed a whole novel yet.

I write for children as well as grown ups. I have had a number of poems published, in anthologies, magazines and the Liverpool Echo. (Some under my previous name Vanessa Dineen) I received a highly commended from the National Association of Writing Groups for my poem Estuary.

I reached the shortlist for a TV Script for an evening play in a competition run by the BBC. I have also had a short story published in a writing magazine. I was thrilled when a letter I wrote at a writing workshop was chosen to be one of the letters distributed by the “Giants” that visited Liverpool for the Sea Odyssey event held in Liverpool. A copy was placed in the maritime museum and has become a little part of Liverpool history. Watching people trying to catch those letters and postcards was amazing. One million were distributed and there were still people trying to get hold of just one, for memory boxes.

As a working single mum with two wonderful boys, I struggle to write as much as I would like, but writing is something that I need to do, and will continue to do in those periods when I get the chance. It’s an escape, from the every day, from the world, from the planet, where I can be anyone and do anything. Writing is part of who I am. If you want to see more of my writing click here

Everything will be okay

This was the runner up in the Poised Pen Category Judged by Cath Bore. 


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