The Clockmaker

The Clockmaker.

I wasn’t sure whether to be irritated or impressed that he had tracked me down.   This guy had the patience of a saint, and I’ve met many.  His 26,245 hours, 45 minutes and 26 seconds of searching left him in need of a hot bath.  

The Clockmaker has always been my preferred name.  Beautiful and intricate, their beating tick tocks, give them a life of their own. I am maker, occasional repairer, but when their pendulum stops completely, nothing can be done. 

I knew why he was here, the bargain, to increase her time by giving up his.  He loved her more than life itself.  As I met his stare, I nodded.  He mouthed “Thank you”

When she awoke, she read his letter.  Doctors claimed miracle but it was short lived. After 3 years of coma, her heart simply stopped.

 Sadly time cannot always be fixed, even by a Clockmaker.

150 Words.


Vanessa Louise Lester.Visdare 60