The Journey


Limbs intertwined, he stroked her naked skin. “I love you, so I have to let you go”

His voice was strong, decisive firm. Inside he was trembling.  The right thing to do, felt wrong.  She turned. He would not see her tears.

“I love you too.”


She scanned the platform.  

 “If he asks you to stay, would you?”

 “He won’t ask”

If he truly loved her, he’d be here.  He would want her to stay. Modelling, New York, had seemed so exciting. Plucked from small town obscurity.

Then she had met him.

 Everything changed.

The train moved so they sat.   

“I’d have stayed.”


Could there be no resentment or future regret?

 A future without her?  

Was love enough?

 He was too late. It had not been their time.  The train out of reach, a lifetime journey of what if, make do, if only. 

A journey they would travel together. 


150 Words.   Visdare 78.  Decisive.  photo source