The True Colours Machine

The True Colours Machine

 11.09.10:::King of the Surf



Jana’s Grandmother had used Tarot, which was now obsolete. Despite the accuracy of True Colours, the Soulograph still needed ‘readers’.

“I’m a gigantic boy!” Mr. Smith shrugged incredulously. The dark hut, sunglasses, Jana’s shawled face, made it difficult for him to see anything, let alone what her expression might be. 

“I can take another, if you’d like?”

He shook his head. The beach was busier. He’d be recognised.

“You have become a great, powerful man yet have kept a youthful spirit, an innocence.”

“So they’re not scared, the others below me, I mean?”

“No, see, they look up to you.”

He left smiling. This petulant, arrogant man who had never grown up. A fantasist, who stepped on others, to get what he wanted.  

Jana, checked her own Soulograph as she put away payment. It was still not visible. She wondered if she would ever find it, was it lost forever?


Vanessa Louise Lester

150 Words


Visdare 81.  Gigantic