I dive from the clifftop.  I’m not afraid but exhilarated, euphoric. I plunge to the sea and momentarily our fingers entwine. Her force stops me dead, propels me upwards. I lose my grip. I lose her. Again.

I jolt awake, a salt tear rolls down my cheek. Sheet wet, the sand grates my tired legs. I still feel her touch, this time closer than ever before.  

I prefer winter, the emptiness, some privacy. She sings beautifully whilst percussion waves crash against rocks. Silently I tell her not to be afraid. She smiles eyes weighted with sadness. We have to try.  She nods.

I reach out, but a barking dog frightens her. Silver strands of hair disappear beneath the foam. The wind whispers “I love you”.

I dive from the clifftop. This time I am submerged by the sea.  By her. I am not afraid. I will never be afraid again.


150 Words.   Visdare 82 Plunge.