The Wise Man


The Wise Man.    Written For Flash Friday Vol 3 Jan 30 2014. Prompt Man- V- Man +Photo

 To become truly enlightened takes years of meditation, and self- discovery.  Harold had taken years of medication and memorised a book of Buddhist quotes. The company provided his robes.


As gigs go, the ‘Holoset’ was far better than the bearded, red suited man.  He hated kids. He especially disliked Elves.  Spirituality paid better. There was usually no vomit except occasionally his own.

He’d sit for hours under the thinking tree waiting for someone to ‘find’ him. Usually he got a warning in his earpiece. Enough time to suck a mint and disguise his ‘special’ coffee smell.

He saw the ‘disciple’ walking towards him and felt peeved he’d not been warned. The ‘Long Road’ package meant, though he’d only been on Holoset for a few hours, in the disciple’s reality, he’d travelled many months.

He sat cross-legged opposite Harold and said nothing. For hours.

Harold was dying for a drink.

“I came here to kill you. You killed my family. I know now, I can’t”

The disciple removed Harold’s earpiece, replaced it, then poured away the contents of his flask.  Two years for three lives. Driving drunk.  Harold always felt it wasn’t enough.

To become truly enlightened takes years of meditation, and self- discovery. Harold followed the disciple for a lifetime.  

Kinderspiel. CC2.0 photo by Hartwig HKD.