Day 20330. A Fleeting Moment.


Day 20330: A Fleeting Moment 

When he was sure no-one was watching, he folded the umbrella, raised his head to the swirling clouds, raindrops danced from closed eyelids to chin.

It had rained on their last night. Warm torrential explosions, parting waves, crashing thunder beats onto the white sands of Koh Rok.

“Let’s find cover”

His hand lost hers as he moved towards the trees. He turned, saw she was laughing, naked, the sodden dress at her feet.  Wet, hungry, kisses, fingers locked they walked into the sea.

She dived in, teasing him, white foam crowning her black hair. Bodies submerged, became merged. Both changed forever.

He didn’t know why she wasn’t there when he left.  He knew something had happened. Stopped her. 

6764 days had passed. He had moved from city to town, searching. He didn’t stay anywhere long but when he told his story they looked at him oddly.  3 days together.20330 he had lived. Time had stopped for him that day. 

He stood smiling, waiting till the rain stopped. 


She spun, arms outstretched, grey hairs glistening in the lightning strobe. She loved storms.  She wondered if he ever thought of her. He was her first thought when she awoke 6761 days ago and last at night. She knew they find each other again.

 @VanessaLester   Flash !Friday. Vol 3-9.  Prompt a fleeting moment 6.02.2014    Photograph below 

Rain (Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica). CC2.0 photo by NannyDaddy.