Behind every great man

Behind every great man...

I don’t usually take the train into the city. I don’t usually go out until November either.    

If I’d wanted to use the Sleigh, I couldn’t.  Locked out, I didn’t get the chance to ask the elves to make “normal” clothes.  Not that anyone noticed. Probably all that weight I’d lost. 

Things hadn’t been right for about 100 years.  She thinks it’s a mid- life crisis, but it’s much more.  Life used to be simple.  Children were grateful.  I had job satisfaction.  Now it’s all about the ‘Brand.’

I’m not sure what upset her more, finding the motorised sleigh after she’d declared austerity or the fact I’d let Mrs Johnson sit on my knee. I blame the sherry.

She owns all the rights according to the lawyer. ‘I’ don’t exist.

I forget sometimes how amazing she is. The only person who truly believed in me. She was waiting.  At home


 150 Words Visdare 84.



Vanessa L Lester   @VanessaLester