The Attic

 The attic

I lie on the wooden floorboards, trying to catch particles dancing in sunbeams through rafters. Too quick for my fingers, these living atoms that surround us, rarely seen, not for what they truly are anyway.   

“Tom, are you here?” He appears, unsmiling, his tatty trousers and baggy white shirt just as I remembered.   

“Don’t be moody.” I tickle his ribs, he giggles and lies next to me.

We had been friends ever since I could remember.  The attic was my hideaway, our place.  

“I miss you Libby”                                                                                                                                              

This time was for good. They’d sold the house.  I was going away, university, leaving Tom forever.  

My throat tightened. Through my tears, I see my soul dancing in sunbeams.




When they had viewed the house Sarah hadn’t felt anything.  Now she shivered every time she walked past the attic. Just her imagination playing tricks, like Jack’s new ‘friends’ Tom and Libby.


150 Words Visdare 85 Second Sight.

Vanessa L Lester   @VanessaLester