Sally's Wart Nose Spell


“It’s my first day at spell school” Sally said


Feeling quite nervous she jumped out of bed


She dressed very quickly in her robe, cape and hat


Checked her face in the mirror “It’s a shame about that!”


The wart on her nose had not grown in the night


Had not grown at all. She had hoped that it might


All witches knew that the cleverest and the best


Had the biggest warts, yes; that was the test


A really wise witch could grow hair from her wart


A wart was the one thing all young witches sought


“There’s no need to worry” soothed Sally’s mum


“If you work hard at school your nose-wart will come.


I bet when you look at your classmates today,


that no-one will have a nose-wart on the way”




Feeling much better, to school Sally ran


“I’ll work hard at school. I know that I can!”


On entering her classroom she looked all around


There were wands, books and cauldrons and brooms to be found


She saw jars on the shelves with ingredients for spells


There were Newts, Frogs and Cats and even some Elves


And the other young Witches seemed friendly enough


They didn’t have nose-warts and didn’t seem tough


Sally knew at once that her mum had been right


But then Edith walked in. What a terrible sight!


A wart on her nose, oh how could that be?


Not a pimple, or spot, but a wart all could see


Upon entering the room with her wart big and round


Edith haughtily smirked. The class gazed at the ground.




Just like Edith, the class wanted to be


Sally thought “why couldn’t that have been me?”


To be friends with Edith was everyone’s aim


The whole of the class felt exactly the same


On seeing their faces, a proud Edith pouted


With her nose in the air she suddenly shouted


“To be friends with me, you must do as I say


If I’m not friends with you, then stay out of my way!


I don’t like you, you’re too skinny and tall


You can’t join me, you’re too ugly and small”


Sally quickly decided that Edith was mean


And to be her friend she wasn’t too keen.


But to fit in at school it must be so


Unless she could make her own nose-wart grow.










So she went home that night with a plan in her head


She must find a spell, when her mum was in bed


She needed to make her nose- wart grow long


There must be a spell? She just couldn’t go wrong,


Staying up through the night, she found a good spell


It was not quite for nose-warts, but would do just as well


She had to mix frog- spawn with whiskers of cat


And eyelash of newt but she couldn’t find that


She found eyelash of toad. That would just have to do!


Mixed up all together, with tomato sauce too.


Sally’s potion was ready, as day-break came


Rubbed on to her nose, but her nose stayed the same.


Later on in her class, her nose started to itch


Her nose wart was growing. What a lucky young witch!




Edith saw Sally’s nose and shouted out loud


“Look at her wart!” Sally felt very proud.


She felt her nose- wart grow heavy and big


She screamed when she saw a leaf, then a twig


“Oh no… it’s gone wrong! What will I do?”


As twig became branch and leaves grew on that too


The branches got bigger and reached to the floor


Poor Sally felt silly. Her nose was so sore.


Sally’s classmates all laughed. She tried not to cry


This was the last spell that Sally would try!


The Teacher looked up when hearing their cries


“A tree from a nose? Now that’s a surprise!


With a wave of my wand and a sprinkle of Potion


Change Sally’s nose back and stop that commotion!”




The class became quiet as Sally’s nose shrunk


 Her nose back to normal, no longer a trunk.


“What made you do that? ” her teacher said


“I wanted a nose like Edith’s instead”.


“But Sally, you must know her wart is not real


It’s molded from plastercine. What’s the big deal?


Nose- warts don’t grow by cheat or by spell


They grow from hard work and experience as well.”


The class glared at Edith, her face became red


Did I say it was real? She sulkily said


If it wasn’t for Sally, they would never have learned


That Edith’s was fake and nose-warts must be earned.


To be friends with Sally was now everyone’s aim


Except for Edith, the whole class felt the same.